Why My Generation Won't Be Able To Give "Back In My Day" Speeches

My entire life, I would hear older people talking about how much more difficult life was back when they were growing up. As essentially an old-young guy, I was always looking forward to the day that I could tell the next generation how easy they have it and how much more difficult things were for me.

But, things are so easy these days, I don't know what I'd say.

If I wanted to buy a song I didn't have to sift through boxes of CDs or records. No, I logged onto Spotify and streamed it. Did my copy of an album ever wear out? No, since it was digital, but I did have to listen to the occasional ad. That was pretty tough.

The only thing that I may be able to talk about are cars. Driverless-cars are on the horizon and that could bode well for me talking about the difficulties I've faced in my life because I had to actually drive my car.

I can see myself sitting in a big arm chair weaving a yarn to any youngster that will listen:
"Back in my day we didn't have any of these new fangled autopilot systems. We had to steer our own cars with a steering wheel. We couldn't even text while we were in the car... well we could, and we did, but we weren't supposed to."
...Ok. Maybe that still isn't a great "Back in my day" speech. It's not like I was walking to school three miles each way in the snow.

Which, by the way, is one cliche speech I never really bought. They didn't just cancel school? You didn't just decide, "you know what, I'm not trudging through snow to do some arithmetic (that's an old timey word for math), I'll just stay home and club some squirrels," or whatever it is old people did when they were young.

I guess when the time comes for me to start telling tales about my youth and the difficulties I faced growing up, I'll just make stuff up too.


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