ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Beanbag Toss Coverage

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I’ve been known to throw on a little ESPN in the background as I go about my day. Today was no different.

What WAS different was the programming. I was introduced to competitive beanbag toss.

At least that’s what I call it. They were calling it “cornhole” which is a horrendous name that I just refuse to use it. 

You have beanbags, you toss them, boom, beanbag toss.

 It might be a table tennis vs. ping-pong sort of thing, where one is the professional sounding name while the other is the what you call it in when you play in your basement.

The athletes were exactly what you’d expect. Kind of nerdy looking dudes, who I’m shocked didn’t have Bud Lights in their non-throwing hands. That’s not because they look like they enjoy tipping a few back, but because in my experience, playing this game with a few in you was the only way to be any good.

Outside of elite competitions like the one I watched this afternoon (which looked like it was being held in the small conference room at a Ramada somewhere), beanbag toss is only ever seen at tailgates, family cookouts, and some bars. Those are all places where there is usually beer. Sure, this wouldn’t be the best example for the youngsters who look up to Jeff Reynolds, the King of Corn Hole (Real guy, real title), but neither are major leaguers with wads of chew in the mouth. I know it causes mouth cancer, but it’s just tradition.

I’ll admit I may have enjoyed watching this thing more had I known the official rules. It should be as simple as a beanbag going in a hole earns a point, but of course they must over complicate things to make it seem like a real sport.

Being a spectator at this thing would be like going to a tailgate without any of the things that make tailgates worth going to like food, drinks, and a sporting event that doesn't involve throwing beanbags into a hole.

Be sure to check out ESPN on the weekends for all your favorite fringe sports like beanbag toss, bowling, poker, or even drone racing. If you can do it, ESPN will send a camera crew and a play-by-play announcer!

(You can learn more about the American Cornhole Organization by checking out which is an actual site, and not something I made up. Also, I'd be careful typing that into your browser. One wrong keystroke and you're not in Kansas anymore.)


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