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Potlucks Are The Absolute Worst

Considering that for the first ten or so years of my life of I was a picky eater of the highest order, it's an almost Twilight Zone- like turn of events that I now enjoy trying new foods a great deal. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a "foodie" because I'm not an asshole. I'm a douchebag. There's a difference. It's for this reason that I like going to restaurants. It's cool; you get to sit at a table with people you tolerate while a stranger brings you things that you picked from a menu that if you're lucky even has pictures of the food printed on it. Sometimes there's a high school football schedule on the placemat or an ad for a used car dealership, or if you find yourself at one of the Evel Kenevals of restaurants, there may be no placemat at all. I like all kinds of restaurant dining experiences with one massive exception: the potluck. Certain words just sound awful and potluck is one of them. Nothing makes me less excited to go t