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It's About Time Someone Calls Out The Beach For How Dangerous It Is

Wow, I realized it's been about a month since I last posted to this blog. What's been going on lately? Mainly job hunting. And how is that going? Well, thanks for asking let me give you an update. ... So now that the job hunting update is finished, let's talk about where I am at the moment: the beach, but more specifically the world famous Jersey Shore. I used to HATE the beach. I'll admit, I'm a world class complainer. I've elevated bitching about things to an art form and I honed a lot of my skills complaining about the beach when I was a kid. Nowadays, I like burying my toes in the sand and reading a book or frolicking in the waves (it's the only place I'd ever be caught dead "frolicking"). But despite the fact the beach and I are now pals and our relationship has warmed over the years, I'm still aware of the fact that the beach and it's accompanying ocean are just downright murderous. Seriously. Every thing that swims