Smile Dammit!: An Update of Sorts To The Sex-Toy "Scandal"

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Ok, maybe I'm a part of the problem, but I can't get enough of the stories coming out of Northern Lebanon High School.

(You can check out my last blog about all the shenanigans here.)

You've got principals chucking sex-toys hither and thither as a goof (which if anyone has access to the security camera footage of this, I'd love to see it because I want to put the Benny Hill music over it because it makes everything even funnier) and now kids are being instructed to smile in what almost seems like a scene out of a cult documentary or even 1984. 

Here's what's happening, courtesy of the fine folks at The Lebanon Daily News:

Northern Lebanon School District students are required to smile while walking the hallways between classes, while bullying incidents are being ignored by administrators, according to some parents and teachers.
Students who don’t have a smile on their face while in the hallways between classes are told to either smile or go see a guidance counselor to discuss their problems.
I get that it's annoying when someone tells you to smile. Maybe you're having a rough day because your pet died, your car broke down, or the Flyers lost the night before, so you just don't feel like walking around with a stupid grin on your face.

But, if you're a school administrator, boosting the morale of your students is one of your jobs, and if the student is actually having an issue they should be going to see a guidance counselor, something a lot of kids decline to do.

In an era of school shooters, why are people upset that kids who administrators think may be suffering from some sort of distress, are being told to speak with trained professionals who are are capable of spotting potential red flags?


The other part of this story is that bullying incidents are being ignored. That's probably not a good thing, but I've never thought that bullying is being dealt with properly. Instead of trying to tell the kids doing the bullying to stop it, which they obviously won't, show the kid who was getting bullied that the bullies are bags of shit and not worth getting upset over. At some point every kid gets bullied, and this was the way I learned to not let it bother me.

One final thought: Want to know what would make a bunch of high school kids smile? Their principals juggling dildos like they're in some sort of X-rated Ringling Bros. circus.

It's just a conspiracy theory, but think about it.


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