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Conspiracies With Craig: The Story Behind My Tin-Foil Hat... It's To Protect Me From The Government, But Please Still Read This Whole Article (Guest Post)

Editor's Note: Hey, it's Matt. Almost a year ago I was bombarded by messages from this guy who I made the mistake of being nice to named Craig. He wanted me to post this blog that he had written about UFO conspiracies. Begrudgingly, I did it thinking it would shut him up, but apparently he only has a a year-long snooze setting because I heard from him again. Again he asked me to not "censor" his work and present it in it's original condition regardless of any grammatical mistakes or typos. So, here it is... ___________________________________________ Hows it going, this is Craig. I have decided to emerge from the shadows after I wrote my exposé of the U.S. government's attempts to cover the numerous, very obvious examples of extraterrestrial life. While I was in hiding I received word from anonymous sources that people want to know why it is that I wear a tin-foil hat. Having to ask that question in the first place means that you in fact do not have

Too Many Teens Blowin' Fat Clouds, Bruh: Let's Solve The Teenage Vaping Epidemic

The United States Surgeon General has announced that teenagers vaping has become a full on epidemic. First of all, we're using the word "epidemic" a little liberally. Polio was an epidemic. In this humble podcaster's/blogger's/amateur archaeologist's opinion, a bunch of 16-year olds cranking some Mango Juul pods does not an epidemic make. Is it a problem? Sure it is, but we as a society let it get this way because we sounded the alarm that vaping is bad for you. Do you know what makes a teenager who is looking to take any opportunity to rebel against their parents and/or authority figures want to go out and start puffing more steam than Old Faithful? Telling them that vaping is bad. This happens with everything, with booze and cigarettes being prime examples. If something is deemed bad and dangerous, it becomes cool. So let's make it uncool, by having adults tell them it's awesome. I want every parent out there to start taking up vaping. If y

Great News: The Russians Don't Know How To Build Robots

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. The Russians, Earth's resident super-villains, can't build robots. Russia's state television tried to show off a new "hi-tech robot" that ultimately turned out to be nothing more than a guy in a robot costume that you can actually purchase online. If that sounds ridiculous enough to be the plot of a an episode of The Simpsons,   that's because it was  (a great episode by the way). If there's one way that humans as a species is going to meet their demise, it's a robot uprising. The whole thing would just be poetic, we developed the very thing that would someday destroy us. Fortunately the leaders in international robottery (I just made that word up, please credit me after all further uses) are the Japanese and Americans.  These folks aren't doing anything too crazy with robots. We Americans build robots that vacuum the floor so that our lazy asses don't have to and the Japanese are all about building

TMRF Podcast #8: Matt Solves Murders

Matt read an article about an Australian podcast that helped solve a cold case murder and received international press, so he tries to solve three cold cases in what truly amounts to a shameless attempt at upping his subscriber count.