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Something To Keep In Mind When Searching For a Lost Dog

Growing up in the early 2000’s, I saw many stories on the news about kids being abducted. At school, they preached the importance of not talking to strangers. Because of all this. my greatest fear when I was about six or seven years old was being kidnapped. I thought for sure some windowless van would pull up while I was playing outside and some middle-aged creep would ask if I would help him find his lost dog. From what I had been told, that was a kidnapper’s favorite way of stealing a youngster. Now, as an adult, I think about what I was taught from a different perspective: all of this don’t talk to strangers propaganda really complicates things when you actually have to find a lost dog.             You’re in a bad mood because someone left the door open, the dog ran outside, and he won’t listen to you because you were too lazy to invest any time in training him. You hop in your car and try to figure out which way the dog went. You take a guess and start looking to see if anyon