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Diss Me, I'm Irish: A Second-Hand History of St. Patrick's Day

Something a lot of people may have noticed about me is that I’m part Irish. Not a big part. In fact, I think it’s only about 1/32. How do I know that? Mostly anecdotal information passed along from family members. I haven’t had my DNA tested. I’m not paying $100 to spit in a tube. I can do that for free anytime I want. I think some of my character traits give away my slight Irish heritage. I’m renown for my affinity for potatoes (#TeamRusset, none of that Yukon Gold bullshit) and my tendency to leave parties without saying goodbye to anyone. I bring this up because today is the 17 th of March, also known as St. Patrick’s Day. A holiday that commemorates the time St. Patrick told all the snakes in Ireland to pound sand. However, these days this humble holiday is celebrated around the world. This is because St. Patrick’s Day has been culturally appropriated. It all started back in the 19 th century when the Irish came to America because their potatoes stopped worki