Does My Doctor Think I'm An Anti-Vaxxer Because I Decline Free Flu Shots?

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Let's get this straight right up top: I'm not an anti-vaxxer.

In fact, I love vaccines mainly because I don't love tetanus, polio, the mumps, or their ilk.

Vaccines are clearly awesome, but every year I still opt against getting a flu shot.

Why? I don't have an aversion to needles, I'm not concerned that my unborn future kid will be diagnosed with something because I got shot up with a spent flu virus, and I'm not afraid that the government is trying to control my mind.

Plain and simple, I just have a streak going.

A non-flu streak so long that I'm basically the Lou Gehrig of not getting sick (In retrospect, I'll concede that I could've picked a better example than that).

Plus, I like the gambling element to not getting a flu shot.

Isn't half the year a little more exciting knowing that any day you could wake up and spend the next week puking your brains out? What a rush!

I'm not worried because my immune system kicks ass. My white blood cells are like the best bouncers ever making sure that strep throat doesn't get into the club to pick fights with people and ruin the party.

Still, I can't shake the weird looks I get whenever I'm offered a flu shot and I respectfully decline.

It usually goes a little something like this:

I know. I took some creative liberties with that exchange, but an even less funny version of that happens every time I go to the doctor to get my anxiety meds refilled.

I'm sure the doctor walks into the next room and rolls his eyes because another anti-vaxxer has rolled into town.

That's a stigma I don't need. There are some stigmas I can deal with, but that's a brutal one. 

You really don't want people thinking that you get all of your medical information from Jenny McCarthy.


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