Let Us Never Forget Germany's Crotch Sniffing Soccer Coach

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As I type this, I'm parked in front of the TV watching Mexico play Germany in the World Cup, America's favorite, low scoring-est sporting event that they weren't able to qualify for.

Mexico and Germany are two strong contenders every four years when the whole world stops doing what they're doing (which ironically in most of South America is playing soccer), to watch soccer. Of course I was very pleased to see that Germany's biggest soccer star was in attendance this morning.

No, he's not a player. He's their coach, Joachim Löw.

Löw took the world stage at Euro 2016, not because of his team's electric on-field performance, but because of this:

Yup. That's exactly what you think it is.

For some reason when you see that GIF you immediate reaction is one of utter confusion, but when you hear that it's the German manager, it immediately makes sense. Weird.

If you do a quick little search you'll find that Löw did this not once but three times in various parts of his body. I won't say where, I'll just let you figure it out it'll be like a disgusting little scavenger hunt.

Here's to hoping we get a little GIF material from our boy Joachim Löw at the 2018 World Cup:


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