I Played Tennis For The First Time In Years Today And I'm Already Pricing Flights To Wimbledon

Authentic picture of me on the ol' tennis court.

Don't call it a comeback since I never really went anywhere, but I returned to the tennis court this morning after an over four year absence. 

I was a certified gym class tennis stud despite only having a very basic understanding of the rules, gleaned mostly from video games like Wii Sports and Super Mario Tennis.

I'm not 100% on how scoring works. I know that it goes 15 then 30 then the next one is inexplicably worth only 10 points, then one more volley and it's over, That said, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to how sets are counted up. I thought it was a best of five, or maybe seven, but I don't think that's the case. I guess I could simply google this but that's what the officials are there for so I don't have to worry about the score and can focus on blasting aces and putting some nasty top spin on the ball.

I have KAYAK on my phone (I'm a bit of a jet-setter, not a big deal). I'm not totally sure where Wimbledon is but I know it's in the UK so if I show up, a helpful Brit would be more than happy to point me in the right direction if I toss him a couple quid so he can help himself to tea and crumpets (the national meal of the United Kingdom).

So, keep an eye out for me at this year's Wimbledon...

....or next year's. They may have already held this year's. I don't know.


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