A Last Minute Plea To Be Picked in Tonight's NHL Draft

I'm still in the midst of my post-collegiate job search so tonight is a big night. This evening in Dallas is the NHL Entry Draft. I know I'll be watching, but I'll also be making sure that my phone is within reach.

Another year, another chance to realize my dream of being drafted by an NHL team.

Sure, I haven't played an actual competitive game in four years, and those games were in Pennsylvania high school hockey, but I'm not saying I expect to be drafted in the first round.

I think third or fourth is pretty reasonable though.

Senior year of high school I lead the team in assists while wearing the "C" (can you say leadership qualities?). Yeah, I took four years off to attend college but now I have a Bachelor's Degree in Radio-Television with a minor in creative writing so that probably helps my chances like it does for any job.

There's some video of me playing on YouTube. I'll concede that it's of me turning the puck over on a botched clearing attempt that lead to a goal against, but they don't let video of just anyone to be posted on YouTube.

While in school, I didn't play much (read: any) hockey down here in Orlando, Florida. However, I did find myself wearing a suit once a week to host UCF's late-night comedy show, ToKnight's The Night, so if I by some miracle I do wind up getting drafted, I know how to wear a suit, which will be helpful for when I'm sitting in the press box as a healthy scratch, because let's face it, I'd be up there a lot.

Press box ready.

Now of course there is one hurdle that will be a little tricky for me to overcome so I can get a free hat and a picture with Gary Bettman. Some see it as a roadblock, but since we're living in the year 2018, I see it as an opportunity to smash down a barrier.

In order to be eligible for the NHL Draft a North American Player must be under 20-years-old. I'm unfortunately 22-years-old, nearly 23. However, in the Canadian Hockey League, the top-tier of Canadian junior hockey consisting of the OHL, QMJHL, and WHL, they have something called "Exceptional Player Status." That's where they allow a 15-year-old player to be drafted, even though the minimum age is 16. Players that have been granted Exceptional Player Status include John Tavares, Aaron Ekblad, and some kid named McDavid.

Why can't the NHL do this in reverse so that older players can be selected?

And who better to be the first than me (or if the Canadians want to pick me, "moi")?


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