Tom Brady Is Creepy, The Pro Bowl Is Terrible, And Other Football Thoughts

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Without a doubt Tom Brady is one of the best, if not the greatest, quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. He's the archetype for successful superstar athlete: he's got the rings, the houses, the jaw-dropingly beautiful Brazilian wife.

But still, Tom Brady creeps me out.

Tom Brady reminds of any movie where aliens are masquerading around the Earth in human costumes. I expect at any second, his chest could pop open revealing the little alien who is piloting his Tom Brady suit.

The nickname "TB12" even sounds like what you'd call a robot.

A few months ago there was that video of Brady kissing his way too old son on the lips. That was creepy but I also believe that most straight, male Patriots fans would do unspeakable things for the opportunity to plant a smooch on ol' Tom.

I've noticed lately we're getting this newer "I'm a badass" Tom Brady and I'm not a fan of it. He's already one of the greatest players to ever toss a pigskin, who is he trying to prove his coolness to?

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Yeah, It may actually be Gronk.

Anyway, in other football news from this weekend, the Saints were robbed (even though they lost the game on their own in overtime), the Chiefs need to learn how to not line up in the neutral-zone, and now we are forced to suffer through two full weeks sans football, unless you count the Pro Bowl, which I don't.

The Pro Bowl is my least favorite All-Star game, and that's saying something. As dumb as it is, at least in Major League Baseball they're playing for home field advantage. The NHL does it right (I swear this isn't just Hockey Guy bias) by doing a four team 3-on-3 tournament. It's the most exciting thing to watch and with a million dollar prize on the line, the players actually try. What's more fun than watching millionaires play for more money? Nothing.

Plus, some of the best players in the league don't even go to the Pro Bowl. It makes sense to assume that a good chunk of the best players play on the best teams, and you can argue that most years the two best teams ultimately make it to the Super Bowl. This keeps them from going to the Pro Bowl.

The aforementioned Tom Brady probably isn't even aware of the Pro Bowl. He remembers it as that one time he and Gisele went to Hawaii. Will TB12 be anywhere near Orlando's Camping World Stadium on Sunday. Nope, he's getting that golden arm loosened up so that he can lace passes up the middle of the field to Julian Edelman at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

I've said my piece. I need to go figure out what the over/under is on the number of Super Bowl commercials that use Queen songs. I'm guessing 3.5.

Oh, and go Rams.


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