Safer Alternatives To The "Bird Box Challenge

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Who didn't see this one coming? A Utah-teenager was involved in a car crash while trying to drive blindfolded. 

The driver was inspired by Netflix's Bird Box, the world's okayest horror movie. I watched it, it's fine. It's by no means bad, but it's no Citizen Kane. If you're going to risk your life trying to emulate something from a movie, why not try to emulate a classic? I thought I'd pitch some ideas and see if we can get one of these bad boys to go viral:

The Silence of the Lambs Challenge

Image result for silence of the lambs night visionThis one is similar to the Bird Box Challenge in that it involves obscured vision. You and a friend find a cluttered basement (try an abandoned house. If authorities try to stop you, tell them it's for the Silence of the Lambs Challenge, they'll be cool with it). One friend hides in the basement while wearing a pair of military-grade night-vision goggles. This friend should breathe heavily to make it more movie accurate. The person without the goggles needs to locate the other person and shoot them with a NERF gun. Play the song "Goodbye Horses" while you do this for extra fun.

Image result for the king of comedyThe King Of Comedy Challenge

While you're in that basement, here's another good movie challenge. In an homage to the classic Martin Scorsese film, The King Of Comedy, set up card board cutouts of your favorite celebrities and host your own pretend talk show. Write hacky jokes and use canned laughter. Record this whole thing and then stalk your favorite late-night talk show host and see if you can get yourself booked to do your tightest five minutes on national television!

The Citizen Kane Challenge

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I mentioned Citizen Kane earlier, and if you're going to do one of these challenges, why not emulate the greatest movie ever made? This one is a bit of a long one and it takes a great deal of commitment. First, you need to be on your deathbed. Then, right before you die, you need to say a word. It could be anything. The name of your favorite pet, your hometown, the name of your childhood sled (whoops. Didn't mean to spoil it, but it's a a 78-year-old movie. If you didn't know the ending until now, that's on you.) This word that you say should then cause one of your friends to go back and interview all the people you came into contact with throughout your life to figure out the meaning of your cryptic last words. Smash a snow globe when you say your word for bonus points!


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