Friendly Grocery Store Robots Or The First Wave Of A Robot Invasion?

GIANT Food Stores is taking a step toward the future and introducing robots to all of their 172 stores. 

This robot fella's name is Marty. That seems non-threatening enough, but I've talked before about how I don't think we should be rushing into the world of "robottery" without taking some precautions.

Marty's intended purpose is to warn of dangerous conditions within the store. A smashed gallon of milk here, a spilled bottle of vegetable oil there, but that's how the robots will get a proverbial foot in the door; by making us think that they're here to serve us.

I don't mean to get into Craig territory, but a robot takeover is a long-con perpetrated by those beeping and booping, artificially-intelligent, power hungry monsters. They ease us into sense of comfort and security, and then just like that, we've got Marty running over an old woman in the produce section.

Maybe I'm over reacting a little bit, but when you're forced to take an axe to your Roomba because it's trying to vacuum up your dog, don't look to me for help. I'll be far away somewhere in the woods in a Unabomber-esque cabin with a vast stock of non-perishables, hiding from the robots.


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