Celebrities I Get Mixed Up

The title is self-explanatory. Let's do this.


Gene Roddenberry and Gene Rayburn

I'll start with an easy one, this is one hundred percent because they're both named Gene and have last names that start with "R." Other than that they're completely different.

Gene Rayburn was of course the skinny microphone-wielding host of The Match Game while Gene Roddenberry is the God of Nerds who created some little sci-fi franchise called Star Trek. 

I'll be honest neither one of these guys come up very often in my daily life but on the off chance that one does I have to think for a second after I say "Gene."

Wait. Is it Rayburn or Roddenberry? I think the game show one is Rayburn, buuuuuuut...

They also have similar hair, but every guy in the 70s either had that hairdo or the Greg Brady.

Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck

You know that thing that people say they have where they can't identify people by their faces? Well, I think I have that but only for people with mustaches. 

I have gotten Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck mixed up for my entire life and the only thing that makes it any easier these days is that one is dead (Reynolds... I think).

If Burt Reynolds was the Burt Reynolds of the 70s, then Tom Selleck was the Burt Reynolds of the 80s; that decade's good-looking dude with a mustache. I went most of my life thinking it was Burt Reynolds who had a guest-starring arc on Friends, but that was Selleck. 

I knew their masterworks: Reynolds had Smokey And The Bandit, while Selleck had Magnum P.I., but most of the time they're still the same fella to me.

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz

These two bear a passing resemblance, but I have to reverse engineer who they are based on their body of work.

I have to figure out if the woman in question is the one who did the dancing in that Vampire movie or the one who was in the season of that show about the murder of Giani Versace that wasn't as good as the season of the same show about O.J. Simpson.

I also know that one is from Mexico and the other is from Spain, but I can never get that straight either. My assumption is that "Salma Hayek" is a name that sounds more Spanish, but I'd be wrong, she hails from Mexico.

See how difficult this can be?

Peter Weller and Ed Harris

A few years ago I was watching the pilot episode of HBO's Westworld when a mysterious park visitor dressed all in black made his first screen appearance.

Cool, I remember thinking. Robocop is in this!

The great irony here is that in a show about robots, Robocop was not in it. That's because this part in Westworld was played by Ed Harris. Ed Harris wasn't Robocop; Peter Wellar was Robocop.

I make that mistake to this day. They look kind of similar but they're completely different dudes. They're both bald and look pretty similar in the face. The only way I can tell them apart is I know that one of them is an archaeology professor at Syracuse University, and that's Peter Weller. Don't ask me how I know that because I have no goddamn clue, it's just the truth.

Florence Henderson And Cloris Leachman

Both of these women are undeniable Hollywood legends. Both were blonde, but what has always tripped me up is the somewhat phonetic similarities in their names.

"Florence" and "Cloris" sound vaguely similar, as do "Henderson" and "Leachman."

At least that's my argument, it could also be that I'm just a complete idiot.


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