A Comedy Sketch About A Comedy Sketch

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Back in college I wrote a lot of sketch comedy. Some of it was produced for class projects, for fun, or for the late, great college talk show that was UCF's ToKnight's The Night. 

I still have a lot of un-produced sketches that are sitting on my computer collecting dust.

I realized that one in particular that always made me laugh would likely never see the light of day unless I posted it here on my blog.

Why? Because I thought a timely idea for a sketch that modern audiences would be able to relate to is one about a guy who watches the legendary Abbott & Costello "Who's On First" and just doesn't find it funny.

It is legendary, but let's be honest, it makes very little sense. That was the angle of this sketch the one guy in 1938, who understood the bit, but just didn't see why everyone else found it funny.

Some will say it's funny, some will say it isn't.

Others will say that I'm recycling material that was just sitting around for a blog post. They'd be partially correct.

But, without further ado, here it is:

As you can see, this thing was polluted with 30s slang (h/t Google). I'm still not sure if this sketch is all that funny, but the premise of it still makes me laugh.


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