"So Many Innovative Catheters": Breaking Down The Game Tape Of My Favorite Commercial

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I understand the necessity of television commercials, but I, like most of the TV viewing public see them as a nuisance.

Every now and then, one special ad becomes the show, and when it's over you sit hoping that during the next break you'll be treated to it again.

For me, that ad is the Liberator Medical Supply "Catheter" ad.

I know, that's a weird choice. There aren't any talking animals, and GEICO isn't involved.

(Quick aside: I've never met anyone who has GEICO. I think they exist solely to make commercials.)

If you've never seen it, take a look:

Let's break down this incredible spot.

Immediately, we are pulled into this commercial by a simple question:

Personally, I don't use catheters at all, but I'd be lying if this question didn't at least make me stop and think the first time I heard it.

Next we're introduced to our hero, Jim:

What a cool guy. The shades, the thumbs up, the the push broom stache, the catheters. A hell of a guy that, Jim.

In fact, I believe there's a version of this ad that mentions that Jim is a non-paid spokesperson. I would talk about my (non-existent) catheter usage for the right price, but Jim is out here doing it for the love of the game.

He's an acrobatic pilot. Think of the level of esteem we give to pilots that just fly in straight lines. Now imagine the level of esteem we would give to a pilot who does tricks. That's Jim, The Catheter Man.

This is where things get interesting. Call for your free catheter sample pack. I had the first few numbers dialed before I realized I didn't need a catheter sample pack, but as someone who likes a deal, I was still tempted to give them acall.

This is such a Jim move. My guy upgraded from a run of the mill straight catheter that needed lube to one that is pre-lubricated. Just like that, Jim cut his catheter time in half. You gotta love that kind of efficiency.

He also mentions "innovative catheters." Unless they can also shine your shoes and do your taxes, then I fail to see how much more innovative you can make a catheter.

Next we see, Jim gearing up to do some barrel rolls. You didn't think he'd leave those catheters at home did you?

Now we see Jim proudly holding his sweet new cath of choice. Can you take YOUR catheter with you in your plane? Jim can.

I added the arrow and text to show that Jim has in fact gone airborne with catheters in hand... or wherever you use catheters.

There you have it, my favorite commercial, which for whatever reason airs pretty regularly on the NHL Network.

I feel like I know way too much about Jim's catheter habits — and you probably do too — but I like to think that we're all better for it.


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