Greta Thunberg's Challenge To Her Parents Put My Brain In An Absolute Pretzel

Greta Thunberg is in the news for being a crusader against climate change who delivered a scathing speech to members of the UN.

Honestly, I don't know much about her or her cause, but I know that she likes the environment and would prefer that the polar ice caps didn't melt (she's from Sweden, and if my sources are correct, they like cold stuff over there).

I tried to read up on her story, but I stopped when I stumbled upon this tidbit: 
For about two years, Thunberg challenged her parents to lower the family's carbon footprint by becoming vegan and giving up flying, which in part meant her mother had to give up her international career as an opera singer.
The second I read this I checked out because I just couldn't relate to any of this. Let's unpack it shall, we?

"She challenged her parents to reduce their carbon footprint" 

Can you imagine "challenging" your parents to do anything without them promptly telling you to go to your room? I can't. It's cool when parents listen to their kids, but if I had a kid and they "challenged" me to do anything I'd throw their Xbox out the window and make them go to bed.

Part of this challenge involved "becoming vegan"

I get the health and ethical benefits of veganism, but let's not pretend that a good percentage of the time it isn't just virtue signaling. I know it wouldn't fly when I was a youngster to put an end to family steak nights because of cow farts or something.

"Giving up flying, which in part meant her mother had to give up her international career as an opera singer."

This was the mind-boggler for me. It's one thing if your parents want to play along with your cute little challenge, but on what planet are they quitting their careers because of it?

Now, I know that no one really gives a shit about opera singing any more, but it still has to be hard to become a professional international opera singer. You're willing to throw that away because your kid CHALLENGED you?!?! 

Maybe you take some reusable bags to the grocery store to appease your li'l activist spawn, but it's insane to let your kid dictate your career like that. I guess to each his own, but if I worked my entire life to achieve something, I'd personally melt all the icebergs with a flamethrower before I gave it up simply because my 14-year old kid didn't like planes.


But, in the end, good for Ms. Thunberg for speaking up for what she (and — let's be honest — probably her parents) believe in. Pretty cool. 

And also good for her for not abusing the power she seems to wield over her parents, because I know that if my parents were willing to quit their jobs over a "challenge" I made to them when I was 14, believe me, it wouldn't have ended with going vegan and not flying.


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