Is This Pressed-Penny Collector The Most Boring Man In The World?

Jeopardy! has a new viral star and it's this guy, Matt (pretty cool name): 

First the obvious. This guy gives off some serious Dexter vibes. Obviously, I'm not saying he has ever killed anyone, but I wouldn't be shocked if he thinks about how it would feel.

I've always thought of pressed-pennies as souvenirs for cheap people who don't want to pony-up a couple of bucks for a t-shirt at the National Air and Space Museum.  They're not great souvenirs when, A) you have to supply materials, and, B) said materials can be found in your car's cup-holder.

I've gotten some of those pressed-pennies in my day and you know where they are now? I have no idea either because I've never kept track of them after I left the museum/zoo/amusement park where they were acquired.

This guy and his wife travel HOURS to obtain pressed-pennies. The amount of money they've spent in gas far exceeds what their collection is actually worth. I wouldn't drive down the street for a pressed penny. "Make that pressed penny machine come to me"; that's what I'd say.

They also climbed a goddamn mountain for a penny. A penny!

The one thing about this story that isn't terrible, is that it shows that there is a lid for every pot. Two people who both enjoy the cripplingly boring pastime of pressed-penny collecting found each other.

But can you imagine getting invited to their house for dinner? You'd be hoping for a relative to die (a distant relative) just so you'd have an out and could avoid leafing through their books of pennies depicting their travels to exotic locales like the Denver Airport and a rest stop outside of Colorado Springs. Not IN Colorado Springs; OUTSIDE of Colorado Springs.

A bit of an aside: I thought it was illegal to damage currency, yet pressed-pennies have been getting away with it for decades. Why aren't pennies afforded the same protections as their paper counterparts?

An aside to the aside: is there a more superfluous exclamation point than the one in the title for Jeopardy!? I mean, I like the show as much as the next guy, but let's be honest, it's not exactly fast-paced or exhilarating. It's a bit of a television Quaalude, yet some how has earned an exclamation point.



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