Enough. With. The. Singing. Competition. TV. Shows.

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I normally don't care about what's on TV these days because I generally don't watch it. But, when I do happen to be watching something, my eyes are assaulted by commercials for whatever is the new singing competition du jour, and I've had enough of it. 

I'll concede American Idol because it was new when it came out which made it exciting. That show was huge. In fact, I bet more people voted during the first season of American Idol than during the last mid-term elections.

Now every network has shows where people sing competitively and they're all practically the same.

But Matt, the show I like has the judges looking the other way so they can't judge a book by it's cover.

This one always makes me laugh because the premise is basically this: some peoples' ugliness is so distracting that even if they're a decent singer, no one can get past that uni-brow and crooked teeth so the playing field needs to be leveled. Plus, do you really think a producer would let some complete mess hop on stage on national TV just because they have a great set of pipes? I don't.

Remember that British lady, Susan Boyle? She had the voice of an angel, but the speaking voice and face of an 18th century blacksmith. They let her on stage, but the whole reason she was even remotely noteworthy is that people's minds exploded trying to comprehend how someone so unattractive could sing so well. There are scientists out there still trying to crack that one.

The new show coming out is called The Masked Singer, and every time it comes on I want to complain about it to whoever will listen, but since no one will, I keep the rage bottled up inside of me the way doctors recommend you should.

What I can surmise from the commercials is that a celebrity wears a costume and then sings and other celebrities try to guess who it is.

What sort of pay off could their possibly be if you tuned into that? Someone says, "I think that masked singer is Pauly Shore," then they take off the mask and it's not, it turns out to be Joey Fatone?

What a goddamn snooze-fest.

Who is going into work the next day and saying to their co-workers, "I thought it was going to be Jane Lynch under that mask but it turned out to be former Attorney General Janet Reno! I was all like, "WHA?!?!?!?!'"

No one. That's who.

As much as I hate the idea of these shows. At least they're not lip-syncing, which somehow passes for entertainment these days. Maybe, I'm out of touch, but watching someone pretend to sing while Chrissy Teigen claps like a seal isn't entertaining to me (which by the way, enough with her too. She's the female DJ Khaled. She's everywhere and I have no idea what it is she actually does).

I for one blame all of this on millennials.

Why couldn't millennials use their powers to kill off these shows the way they killed Applebee's and banks?


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