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Disturbing Details Found In John F. Kennedy's Autopsy Report (Grunge)

What Happened To NERF Blaster? (Grunge)

The Mystery Of How Paul Newman Showed Up On Richard Nixon's Opponents List (Grunge)

Here’s How The Pitch Meeting For The Upcoming Movie Where Nicolas Cage Plays Himself (Almost Certainly) Went Down (BrobBible)

I Downloaded TikTok In Search Of Some Entertainment But The Only Thing I Found Was An Existential Crisis (BroBible)

Will J.J. Watt Make A Good ‘Saturday Night Live’ Host? Let’s Look At How Other Athletes Have Fared (BroBible)

Six Musical Acts The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Needs To Induct ASAP If It Still Wants To Be Taken Seriously (BroBible)

In Defense Of The ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Getting Roasted For Her ‘Terrible’ Answer To A Question About Popeye (BroBible)

The work of Lebanon artist Gary Zitkus is finally getting the show it deserves (LebTown)

20 years ago, Hollywood came to the Lebanon Valley for “Lucky Numbers” (LebTown)

Musician Olivia Farabaugh is making waves in Music City (LebTown)


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