Jimmy Fallon Trips Up On Twitter BIGLY. SAD.

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Who saw this one coming? In the middle of a spat with President Trump, Jimmy Fallon gets caught patting himself on the back for a charitable donation by accidentally tweeting from his normal account. The tweet was deleted, which is why I stuck it above (I gotchu!).

Clearly what happened is that Ol' Jimmy was on his phone and forgot which Twitter account he was tweeting from.

But so what if he's got burner accounts? I guarantee most people in the public eye (for some reason especially if they're associated with the NBA) have accounts that they use to pump their own tires or see what people are saying about them while they remain incognito behind the mask of anonymity available to us all, known as the internet.

I'm just disappointed in how he intended on using it, to pat himself on the back for a charitable donation. The most charitable thing you can do is donate money and not want anything in return. Not praise, not a tax break, not a stretch of highway that you can adopt and put a sign next to. (which if I ever had the opportunity to adopt my own highway, I'm putting my own sign there since I adopted it. It would read, "Hey, enjoy using my highway, except that bastard Todd. He know what he did." That ought to confuse some motorists.)

Patting yourself on the back for a donation is weird. Did I try and us The Ty And Matt Show (with Matt and Ty Twitter account to pat myself on that back when I accidentally donated a dollar to children because I couldn't understand the cashier and did the polite thing which is to smile and nod? Nope. No I did not.

Should I have? Probably.

Jimmy should've attempted to use his burner account the way they're intended to be used, to talk about how having Cardi B co-host was a horrendous idea without getting in trouble, or attempt to convince people that watching celebrities play Scattergories or lip-sync is WAY funnier than doing actual comedy.

But who knows? Maybe I'm wrong and Jimmy just genuinely wanted to congratulate himself. I wish I loved myself that much.

Maybe I'll try it out.

Hey, kick-ass blog today, Matt!

Thank you, me. Thank you.


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