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I Was Well Into My Teens Before I Realized Cracker Barrel Wasn't Just A Road Trip Bathroom Stop

When I was a kid we took a lot of road trips. It's cool to see so much of the country, but the primary reason was that my dad didn't like to fly. So unless we were headed to the Orlando, Florida—we would travel there by train—we were hopping in the Dodge Caravan/Saturn Relay. Everyone has their own road trip habits. You listen to the certain playlists or you stock up on the same snacks. One of my family's habits was that when nature called, we veered off the interstate and into the parking lot of Cracker Barrel. We'd all run into the general store part of Cracker Barrel and make our way to the back where the bathrooms were. We'd do our business, and then peruse the items (read: junk) that they were peddling in the store like weird candy, those little tablets where you can draw mustaches on a cartoon using flakes of metal that were probably collected from the Roswell UFO crash site, and whatever the hell these things are: We would then buy nothing, a

TMRF Podcast #10: Radio Yada Yada

Matt discusses his interest in radio and talks about some of his radio heroes like Adam Carolla and Opie and Anthony. The show gets closed out with a clip of another one of Matt's radio idols, the incomparable Cal McCalister, interviewing the legendary Paul Lynde.