30-Year-Old Who Sued Parents Moves Out, But First Calls Police On His Dad... Over Legos

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According to the West Australian, police were called when Michael's dad refused to allow him to look for his young son's Lego set in the basement. Yes - the pettiest story just got pettier. Thankfully for all parties involved, the missing building block toys were found after police arrived on the scene.
Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old who sued his parents when they ordered him to move out of their house and Syracuse's gift that keeps on giving, finally moved out, (with the help of a $3,000 from one Alex Jones) but not with out one final parting shot.

As if the police and the New York court system weren't already sick of this guy, he calls the police over not being able to go in the basement to find his son's Lego set.

This dude needs to learn to cut his losses. This is already an embarrassing story for him and he doesn't do himself any favors. Just check out this interview with CNN's Brooke Baldwin (Skip ahead to 3:45 see the most awkward sip of water you will ever see):

It's the universal signal for "Oh shit, this interview is not going well." As if it wasn't bad enough that you're getting grilled by Brooke Baldwin on national television about how you sued your parents, try sitting their with a severe case of cotton mouth. 

Michael Rotondo isn't falling victim to dry mouth. He's taking a swig of Dasani whenever he damn well feels like it.


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