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My New Book "They Came From Fort Blue Hill" Is Now Available!

  Back in late-2019, I had a germ of an idea and decided to just sit down and start writing it. I developed a character I really enjoyed; a down-on-his-luck, small-town reporter named Wes McGavin. I wanted to write a book that people who hate reading books would enjoy. A book that just wanted to be funny and entertaining, but still contained a structurally-sound story. The idea was that Wes thinks of himself as an intrepid reporter, but in reality is a slacker, who was looking for a way to quickly rise through the ranks of journalism and get out of his hometown. The story he lands on is that aliens are being kept at a military base north of town, and he teams up with a disgraced conspiracy theorist to uncover the truth and save both of their careers. I wrote about thirty pages before finding myself in a corner and putting the manuscript aside. If I remember correctly, I picked it up sporadically through the spring of 2020 because, I mean, if you remember that particular stretch of time

The Most Threatening Car In The World May Shock You... Or Not, I Don't Know

The great thing about going on walks is that it gives you time to think. Sometimes I contemplate the meaning of life, other times I think about how fortunate I am to be alive and taking in the beauty of nature, but more often than not I think about how I should get Chick-Fil-A tomorrow. But one thing that is always on my mind while on a walk is not getting hit by a car. Sometimes my mind wanders to how Stephen King got hit by a car one time and that maybe if it happened to me it'd help me sell a bunch of books, but he didn't sell a bunch of books because he got hit by a car, he sold a bunch of books because he's Stephen King, and just so happened to get hit by a car. Recently I was thinking about cars that look threatening, essentially thinking about whether or not I could profile cars that would be most likely to hit me. I found I really couldn't, so I started thinking about cars that are most threatening in general. Think of the oil tanker from the Stephen Spielberg T