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Matt's Completely Correct Selection of the NHL's Best Fighting Goaltenders

Regardless of whether hockey purists and traditionalists want to hear it, there are a lot of fans that show up to a hockey game for the fights. While the prevalence of fighting has been on the decline in recent years, there are still few things more exciting than a goalie fight. So, let’s talk about the best fighting goalies. Patrick Lalime Patrick Lalime broke into the National Hockey League back in the 1996-97 season with the Pittsburgh Penguins. As his career went on, he had stints in St. Louis, Chicago, and Buffalo, but he’s probably best known for his time with the Ottawa Senators. It was in Canada’s capital city where Lalime would have a pair of fights. His first was in the 2001-02 season in a game against the Boston Bruins where he took on Bruins’ net minder Byron Dafoe. But, easily the biggest fight in Lalime’s career took place on March 5, 2004 against the Philadelphia Flyers . After there had already been several line brawls in the game, Flyers’ goalie Robert Esc

The Thermostat Miser

A while back I talked about the trials an tribulations of living with randomly selected roommates . I'm preparing to move out of this apartment that I've been in for the last three years, and just as the finish line is in sight, there's a new war being waged and this time it's over the thermostat. He who controls the thermostat controls everything. I make sure to assert my alpha dominance nice, cool, and Rob Gronkowski-approved 69 degrees. The perfect indoor temperature. The reason for that is if your cold, put on a goddamn sweatshirt or get under a blanket. It's much easier to warm up than it is to cool off. Plus, I live in Florida, so if you're cold go sit outside. I have an uncanny ability to recognize slight temperature differences inside. If I was one of the Avengers, it would be my super power. Sure, it's not a great one, but neither is being good at archery. *cough* Hawkeye *cough* When I feel the temperature rise ever so slightly my Spi

The Fourth of July Finger Safety PSA

Today we celebrate the birth of the United States of America. We'll hang by the pool, have some hot dogs, some beers, and kickback to watch fireworks.  However those fireworks, while a thing of beauty up in the sky, are a serious threat to your fingers. It has been well-publicized (by me) that I suffered a finger injury while playing pickup volleyball that, thankfully, was not life threatening. It did however alter the trajectory of my life leading me to become an advocate for finger safety. I would never wish the finger pain I suffered upon my worst enemy (except Keith. Seriously Keith, you're a dick). Volleyball is a leading way of sustain a TFI (Traumatic Finger Injury), but it's nothing compared to fireworks, or as we call them in the TFI awareness community, "The Widow Maker". You see, the Fourth of July is the biggest fireworks day of the year, which means that it is essentially the Super Bowl of blowing off your own fingers with fireworks. The act