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So Knives Out WASN'T The New James Bond Movie?

About a week and a half ago, I tore off the latest page on my Far Side desk   calendar, revealing a delightful vignette featuring two kangaroo nerds with pouch protectors. After several minutes of side-splitting, Gary Larson-induced laughter,  I realized that the date was December 13, which in this case fell on a Friday. Not one for superstition, I decided to go about my day as I normally would, but not before grabbing a my lucky horseshoe and tapping on the door-frame exactly 4 times. I decided that I would go see a movie. I arrived at the theater and surveyed the posters that lined the lobby. I was struck by one particular poster that really piqued my interest. Knives Out, read the poster. Standing front and center was a familiar face, one that I had seen at least four times previously. "Why that's Daniel Craig," I said to no one. "James Bond himself." I had heard that a new Bond movie was in the works. Maybe they finished it up early

East Vs. West: The Great Keystone State Sandwich War

If you're looking to divide the state of Pennsylvania into to two discernible halves, you have to do it by drawing a vertical line straight through the middle of the state, leaving you with Eastern Pennsylvania and Western Pennsylvania. Each half is headlined by a different city, with Philadelphia in east and Pittsburgh to the west. The two cities offer up distinct cultures that often find themselves at odds with each other, turning the rest of the state into a battleground pitting the Eagles against the Steelers, Wawa against Sheetz. But perhaps the most ferocious — and by far the greasiest — is the battle between the Cheesesteak and the Primanti sandwich. I recently saw this argument raging in the comments of an Instagram post, and it always makes me laugh because it really shouldn't be an argument at all. The cheesesteak is superior to the Primanti sandwich by lightyears. Here's a major reason why the cheesesteak is better: I'm not going to bother explain