It's Time To Acknowledge That Eggs Benedict Is The Undisputed Champion Of Breakfast

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I went out for breakfast this morning and scanned through the menu. A lot sounded good, but as soon as I hit one particular item on the menu, the search was over.

 If you're a winner in life (i.e. not a loser), than you already are well aware of what I'm about to tell you: Eggs Benedict is the king of the breakfast landscape.

It's not even remotely close. A simple combination of a poached egg perched atop Canadian bacon and an English muffin drenched in golden, delicious hollandaise sauce that puts all other breakfasts to shame.

The thing about eggs benedict is that it's even better than the sum of it's parts. There's nothing special about a poached egg, Canadian bacon is just ham (although it's ham that would say "sorrey" if it were to accidentally bump into you at a curling match), and English muffins are not even that good. But put them together and magic happens. But the real key player: the hollandaise sauce. Say what you want about the French, but those cheese-eating surrender monkeys know how to whip up a sauce.

You’ve got America, Canada, England, and France coming together in an international summit of deliciousness. What more could you ask for?

Did you ever wonder why you always get two when you order eggs benedict? why doesn the waiter ever ask "one or two?" Because throughout recorded history there has never been an instance where a restaurant patron requested one. It's never happened. Always two, since it's impossible to eat only one, so why waste the time asking.

If you need any further proof of eggs benedict's place perched high atop the breakfast hierarchy is that it is a staple of not just breakfast but also lunch.

Why is that important? Because brunch is essentially a food all-star game. It's where the strengths of each meal come together to exhibit all the skills and talent that they have to bring to the (literal) table. You want pancakes? Go for it. Have a hankering for crab legs? Be my guest. You want a little prime rib? You do you, my friend. But no matter what eggs benedict is there in brunch's starting lineup.

Any variety of benedict is a strong breakfast choice. I've even had a version that eschewed the traditional Canadian bacon in favor of a a petite fillet Mignon. However, the classic version is the one that made eggs benedict the breakfast juggernaut that we all know and love.

Feel free to leave a comment about what your favorite breakfast/brunch staple is, and if it's not eggs benedict, I'll let you know why you're wrong.


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