Amazon's Alexa Is A Narc

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CNN Tech-Alexa has many talents. Amazon's voice assistant can play music, set timers, order a pizza, and send recordings of private conversations to random people in its users' contact list.An Amazon Echo user in Portland, Oregon, says she was shocked to learn her Echo had recorded a conversation with her husband without them knowing, then sent the audio file to one of his employees in Seattle.
This is a nightmare scenario. Shit-talking someone behind their back is as American as baseball or apple pie. And who comes along to ruin the fun? That tattling, glorified soda can, Alexa.

It is honestly shocking that people are voluntarily bugging their own homes with these smart speakers. People have lived in fear of their homes being bugged by the government for decades, but as soon as Jeff Bezos makes you PAY to do it people can't throw their credit card at him fast enough.

If Alexa is going to is going to rat you out when you are telling someone about what a dope your co-worker is, what's to stop it from snitching on you when you have a couple beers and start bragging about all of your tax workarounds or how you and buddies were joking about starting a militia. Not a serious militia more like a club. Just an excuse to go out in the woods to wear camouflage and shoot dead trees with a shotgun so they fall over. Y'know, that kind of militia.

Alexa doesn't care. Alexa is here to make sure that you can't have any privacy. In fact if Alexa was a mob informant, she'd have been whacked a long time ago.

I want to overtake Amazon Echo in the smart speaker market. I would release a speaker that does exactly what the Echo does, except my speaker doesn't go around telling people what you're up to.


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