I'm Officially Crowning The 1970s As "The Greatest Decade"

I hear people say that they were born in the wrong decade all the time. It's a bit of a hallmark of adolescent angst; feeling like you're so special you don't fit in with an entire generation of people.

I'll admit that I was one of these people.

*Matt suffers douche-chill induced shiver.

I liked music and pop-culture from the 80s. It's when my parents grew up and I always thought it seemed like a fun time.

You had the rise of heavy metal, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and ALF.

Only recently I realized that I was wrong about which wrong decade I should have been born in.

Not the 80s, but the 70s.

And now I'm naming the 1970s "The Greatest Decade Ever."

That realization came from basking in the glory of this photo of former NHL-goaltender, Rogie Vachon:
Image result for rogie vachon 
Does that not look like a photo of a man living in the greatest decade of all time? 

He probably polished off that stogie, changed out of those sweet, sweet Mike Brady bell-bottoms, and then shut out the California Golden Seals. The 70s looked like a decade-long party!

Sure there was some turbulence at the beginning of the decade *cough* Watergate *cough* Vietnam *cough*,  but I blame all of that on the 60s. The 70s was just an innocent bystander, shredded by the shrapnel of the previous decade.

Movies alone should be enough for you to want to sit in your garage and solder random wires until you inadvertently tear a hole in the fabric of time and are able to go back and sit in a theater for the premieres of Jaws and Star Wars.

The other greatest aspect of the 70s? Sports Uniforms. 

Take a gander:

Image result for 70s mlb uniforms
Image result for 70s mlb uniforms
Image result for 70s NHL Uniforms
Image result for nfl 70s uniforms

I have one word for all of those: Glorious.

Then you've got the music. Sabbath, Zeppelin, Queen; and that's just rock music. I've been told that in the 70s they had other genres too.

Oh, yeah TV was also pretty good.

And I think I have a 70s soft-spot for two other reasons.

Back-to-back Cups.

Image result for flyers win stanley cup 1974
Image result for flyers win stanley cup 1975

(P.S. Go check out my favorite Twitter account, Super 70s Sports. That's where I first saw that immaculate picture of Rogie Vachon.)


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