Wal-Mart Bans Boozing innovator

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Wal-Mart is essentially modern-day America's wild-west, especially after 9 P.M. and on Black Friday. In fact, if you go to YouTube and search "Wal-Mart" you'll be presented with a list of things that range from the bizarre to the barbaric. 

Yet apparently the line is drawn at a woman driving an electric shopping cart while sipping wine from  a Pringles can.

The mistake this woman made was the Pringles can. Any alcoholic will tell you that the key to catching a buzz in public is to put your booze in something nondescript: a coke bottle, a solid-colored water bottle, even a sunscreen bottle. Pringles cans aren't meant to hold liquids, so your giving yourself away immediately. Was this lady an innovator of sorts? Yes, but innovators have to fail before they succeed.

Do you know how many different things Edison tried before he developed a working light bulb?

Probably a lot.

This probably wasn't even the most debaucherous thing going on at Wal-Mart at that time. There were probably kids trying to climb into those weird bungee chord ball-cages in the toy department or someone trying to see if fighting fish live up to the name by throwing them into the same bowl. Some lady in lounge pants was probably eating a bucket of popcorn which she would finish and then hide the discarded bucket in the middle of a clothing rack.

Just let those who are driving progress, like this amateur sommelier with a Pringles can full of what was undoubtedly some sort of boxed wine, do what she does best: innovate for the greater good of humanity.


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