Can Sidney Crosby Please Stop Making It So Difficult For Me to Hate Him?

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As I'm sure many people know, I'm a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers fan, and with that comes an ingrained hatred of the the Flyers' cross-state rivals, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As far as Flyers fans are concerned, Penguin public enemy number one is their crappy mustache growing leader, Sidney Crosby.

He has always been pretty easy to hate. He has scored countless big goals in his career, including this one in the 2010 Olympics in which he tore out the collective hearts of every person in the United States and stomped on them with his Reeboks.

But lately, there have been many examples of Sid being a good guy, like this one from yesterday's all-star game, and frankly, I don't like it.

Me realizing Sidney Crosby is a nice guy is not unlike hearing that Hannibal Lecter volunteers at the local animal shelter on weekends when he's not eating census takers. Sure he's a cold blooded (Flyer) killer, but damn it, it if he isn't a quality human being who skates with hockey teams from Kenya.

I really wish some dirt would come out on Sid, but that bastard won't stop playing pond hockey with people.

I'll actually be in attendance when Mr. Crosby and his merry band of losers take on my beloved Flyers in the 2019 NHL Stadium Series. I'm looking forward to booing Crosby, but that dude seems to feed off of boos, especially in the City of Brotherly Love, so it's looking like I won't even be able to throw him off his game with my exquisite, sharp-tongued booing and chirping.

At least I can always hate the fact that he's got three Cups, but even then that number 87-obsessed tool gets the last laugh.

Ugh... I can't win.


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