Oklahoma's Kyler Murray Needs To Decide Which Way He'd Like To Make Millions Of Dollars

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Oklahoma's Heisman-winning quarterback and Oakland A's prospect, Kyler Murray has to decide if he wants to go play baseball or declare himself eligible for the NFL Draft.


I know there's never a sure thing in the world of sports and their are so many stories of guys being flops or losing all their money. But how many of them were highly sought-after two sport athletes?

Wow, update mid-blog: As I'm typing this, he declared his intent to enter the NFL Draft. Why not? Force the A's to buy you into baseball.

What an amazing situation to be in where you have entire sports trying to buy you.

At the end of my illustrious hockey career, I had the sport of hockey actively trying to pawn me off on it's red-headed step-brother, lacrosse.

Either way, congrats to him.


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