Tommy Lee Is The Godfather of On-Stage Roller Coasters

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I was perusing Twitter stumbled across this.

If you need help in breaking down that video, that's rapper Travis Scott with a roller coaster on-stage. Cool right?


Unless you think plagiarism is cool!

I present to you the one and only Tommy Lee on HIS roller coaster.
Yup. Mr. Lee was the originator of onstage roller coasters and I'll be damned if he doesn't get credit for this.

I can leave with some level of injustice but this I can;t tolerate look at this statement from Travis Scott's people:

Please tell me who came up with AND executed this idea then. I don;t want someone saying that they drew a picture of a roller coaster on a stage and want credit the way that hack Da Vinci used to.

I intend to keep my finger on the pulse of what is likely to become the biggest copyright lawsuit of the century and will keep you updated right here.

I'm Matt Reigle, covering the important stories.


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