Dumb Lady Who Gave Daughter Dumb Name Gets The Dumb Attention She Wanted

Mom angry at airline after employee name shames daughter, Abcde

A southern California mom is all upset because her 5 year-old daughter was" name shamed" by an airline employee. This would be a sad story of an adult ridiculing a child for something they didn't have any say in, but then you learn what the kid's name is...

...it's Abcde. Y'know, like the first five letters of the alphabet in order.

After learning that piece of info I'm all onboard with this shaming. Not at the kid's expense, but at the mom's.

I love a good bit of shaming. Apparently that's not a popular stance in the ultra-soft times we live in, but a good-dose of public shaming can be a good way to call attention to something or be an impetus for positive change.

The reason this mom gave her kid such a ridiculous name was for attention. Did she want the kid to be special? Probably. However, more importantly, she wanted people to think that SHE was special or at the very least somewhat interesting.

What I can't stand about people like this is when they do something for attention, but when they get that attention, they're all up an arms about how they're being "shamed." It's like people that get tattoos on their faces and then wonder why everyone is staring at them. Gee, I don't know, maybe it's because you have the word "REPENT" graffitied on your forehead, guy.

This mom is basically doing the same thing but instead of tattooing her face, she gave her kid a stupid name. By being called out she's getting the attention she was looking for, just not the right type of attention.

This all happened on a Southwest flight, so this mom and her poorly named offspring are lucky that they didn't pop up in one of those shitty pre-flight raps or stand-up sets. I hate that sort of thing. I don't want a flight attendant who is preoccupied with free-styling. I want your mind squarely on securing the cabin so that my ass doesn't get sucked out of the cabin at 30,000 feet.

I would be so angry that if my final thought as I was plummeting to Earth was, "I can't believe they forgot to properly secure the exits, but that was impressive how she found a word that rhymed with Abcde."


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