Random Roommates And Generic Soda

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I live in an apartment and I’ve got some roommates. We were put in an apartment at random so we didn’t know each other when we moved in, and that’s about as well as I know them now. We don’t talk to each other. It’s not like the silent treatment, we just don’t speak to each other aside from a greeting.

Here’s what our conversations are like:

“Sup dude…Well see you later.”


To  give you an idea of how little I know my roommates, I had some family coming to visit me and I was legitimately concerned that I’d be forced to introduce people and wouldn’t know my roommate's names. I was quizzing myself beforehand. I couldn’t remember the one dude’s name so I ended up digging through my emails trying to find what his name was. It’s good that I did though, because I had every intention of calling him Josh, and it turns out that’s not his name.

I’m not a fan of having roommates. By no means am I some sort of neat freak, but I still like things clean, which means sharing space is less than desirable in my opinion. Imagine for a second that you live alone. If you actually do than this should be nice and easy. OK, now imagine someone comes into your place after you leave in the morning with the sole purpose of messing things up. Things aren't where you put them. There are unidentified messes all over the counter. It sucks.

Another thing on a semi-related note. One of my roommates recently purchased generic soda. The kind that only says “Cola” on the bottle. To make matters worse. is was purchased with the intention of actually consuming it. I mean, generic soda is fine if you’re using it for target practice or you need something for to spray your fellow Juggalos with at an Insane Clown Posse show, but no one drinks that stuff. I understand it’s cheap, but so is regular Coke. I just don’t like having the level of low-self esteem brought forth by generic soda, where I live. I think that's pretty reasonable.

Additionally, this low-end soda (or “pop” for our mid-western friends) was consumed, without my permission, out of my Philadelphia Flyers beer mug. If the Flyers weren’t playing so disgracefully bad at the moment, this could’ve been grounds for me requesting that the roommate in question be evicted, but since the Flyers kind of suck right now, at worst it was a mild annoyance.

I look forward to the day I no longer have to deal with random roommates, but until then I’ll just be happy I have another thing to complain about.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty good complainer.


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