#TeamGritty: The Matt Reigle Files Is Officially A Pro-Gritty Blog

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I never thought I'd see the day where the Flyers would introduce a mascot. 

As one of the last two teams in the league without one, I thought the idea of a costumed mascot wreaking havoc in the stands of the Wells Fargo Center would cheapen the integrity of the on-ice product.

It became clear with a series of teaser videos that the Flyers were going to introduce a mascot, their first since "Slapshot" way back in 1976. Would they bring back Slapshot? Would we see the return of the old Philadelphia Phantoms mascot, Phlex.


Enter: Gritty.

My first reaction was this: What. The. F$*%. Is. That?

After the shock had worn off, I was completely okay with the new Muppet-reject who would be leading "Let's Go Flyers" chants for the foreseeable future. A mascot's primary purpose is to entertain the kids in the crowd. If Gritty doesn't terrorize kids too badly, he'll do just that.

However, after Gritty's pre-season debut in a game between the Flyers and Bruins I am firmly a member of #TeamGritty.

Gritty showed a level of grit that would make misters PFT Commenter and Big Cat proud when he ate a plate of shit SEVERAL times while shooting t-shirts into the crowd:

Then Gritty did something that should ingratiate himself to a Philadelphia crowd.

He used the t-shirt gun as an actual weapon:

This was followed the next morning by a whirlwind media tour from local Philadelphia TV and radio stations to ABC's Good Morning America.

Here's why Gritty is perfect for the Flyers: He's loved by some, and hated by others. That's the Flyers organization in a nutshell. They've always been divisive. You don't become the "Broad Street Bullies" by being kind and gentle and making sure that you never ruffle any feathers.

Feathers are made to be ruffled (especially when they belong to penguins) and that's just what Gritty is going to do.

And that's why I am firmly on #TeamGritty.


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